Several supporting documents are necessary to submit a credit repurchase file to the acceptability study of a lending institution. More commentary at

Personal supports for a redemption of credit

Personal supports:

• All borrowers must provide a two-sided photocopy of a valid identity document, passport or residence permit, as well as a copy of the family booklet, including children, if there occurs.

• If he is a tenant, the borrower must present several proofs of address (receipt of rent, electricity, telephone bill, etc.), dating from less than 3 months. The owners present a photocopy of the notarial deed of sale of their property.

• Married borrowers present a copy of their marriage contract, and divorced ones, that of the divorce decree and the liquidation of their community of property. For PACS couples, a PACS certificate can be requested.

Financial situation: Supporting documents for a redemption of credit

Supporting documents:

• The borrower must present the copy of the last three bank statements of his current accounts. He is also asked for a RIB and a copy of all the documents relating to the grouped credits which he wishes to redeem.

• Employees must provide a copy of their last three pay slips, as well as their employment contract, or a recent certificate from the employer. They are also asked for their last two tax slips.

• Depending on their status, self-employed workers, managers, artisans, self-employed or liberal workers, must provide their last three tax notices, as well as the last three 2035 declarations, or tax forms.

• Retired or disabled persons present a summary of their pensions and all their other income.

• Unemployed persons must provide a copy of their compensation agreement.

• If he receives benefits, the borrower must attach proof of CAF.

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